About Us


Our Approach

Since 2007 we have been providing Cincinnati with high end esthetics services and products. From Brow Threading/Waxing, to Derma-Planing facials, Hydra-Facials and Microblading, we have lead the esthetician industry in Cincinnati in cutting edge services. Through extensive research we have found the best supplies and techniques which we mix together and use to perform the best services that can be administered for facial waxing, body waxing, facials....etc.... Our clients can feel confident in each and every service that we offer by knowing that our estheticians are constantly training and adding to their portfolios new techniques and trends in the industry. Our estheticians are so highly skilled that we are now sought after by other estheticians to be trained by our strict protocol for services.

Our Story

After having her brows massacred for the 5th time in a row Alice M. Boykin decided that if she was finding it hard to get a great brow shape, maybe other women were having the same issue. Because brows are so important and one of the first things people see when they look at your face, it occurred to her that if she opened a business where the concentration was on brow shaping, that other women would patronize. Six months later on June 21, 2007  The House of Brows was opened in Kenwood mall, and the rest is history.....

Meet the Team

Our Esthetics team has over 30 years of combined Advanced Esthetics experience. We believe that using the best products along with the best techniques will yield the best results. We are not only in the business of providing the highest level of customer service, but we are in the business of making sure our clients receive the best results from any service rendered by our trained and skilled staff

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